We can send you a more accurate offer if we know your requirements. The first step in this process is to know the quantity of the devices that form the system. We have created a simple 9-step questionnaire for this purpose. After completing the questionnaire, please enter your contact information and any remarks. Our sales colleague will call you back within 4 hours.

We need to know all the sites regarding their IT networks. If you only have IT devices at one site, please enter only one site.
Please enter the number of presently operating active computers. All the computer connected to the network must form part of the operating activity as this is the only way we can ensure the required security.
Please only enter the number of physical servers. Physical servers require different maintenance from virtual servers, this is why it is important to distinguish them.

Please enter the number of servers running in the virtualised environment (Hyper-V, vmware, other).
Please include the network devices that can be managed (e.g. routers, switches, access points).
We recommend that you enter the uninterrupted power supply sources that protect system critical elements (servers, network devices, NAS, etc.)

The supervision of NAS, or network attached storage, extends to the supervision of disks. The role of NAS in the network must be cleared as other supervision tasks may be related to it
If you don’t have an established backup solution, we will review the backup strategies. The completed backups must be checked because the backup is worth as much as it facilitates the restoration of data.