Collecting production data is getting more and more relevant today. There might be several reasons why a production company decides to start monitoring facility performance on its entire production area:


Even if companies realize the problem, usually they lack in sufficient internal resources and in workforce with adequate competence to manage the entire problem in a complex and covering way.

The best solution might be to standardize measurements, meaning to install producer independent and norm based measurement units. In this case measurements require exact information about the necessary data, about what we would like to quantify. Beside measurements during the operation periods reasons of holdups need to be identified, so the facility operator must be able to intervene during the data collection. Data collectors work in a close cooperation with production management systems delivering the operator with complementary information and ensure a more accurate data analyses respectively, even considering the point of view of the production management system. As dates are collected by an unified system in a centralized way, data analyses can be easier and less complicated.


Digitop ARSYS (Automated Reporting System)

The automated data collecting system developed by our company meets all the above described requirements. An individual hardware-software solution has been developed where we targeted to use standardized technologies. The system is perfectly integrated with the corporate management system and can return collected data to the production planning if required. Implementation expenses pay off fast as the system costs are in line with Hungarian price conditions.

System characteristics

Maximized cooperation with the corporate management system, ARSYS reads among others:


The results of the measurements can be returned to the corporate management system (duration and reason of holdups, duration and quantity of production). The captured data are easy to analyze and cumulate as they are also filed in an independent data base. Operators receive real time feedbacks on produced quantity and the capacity utilization of the facilities. No production start or stop needs to be noticed by the operators as the system automatically detects these – operator interventions can stay on a minimum.

Data collectors might use the standard IT network, establishing a dedicated communication network is not necessary. In case of a network failure the data collectors keep capturing and storing data which will be automatically forwarded after troubleshooting.

ARSYS reduces the exposure of the corporate management system due to its own data base where collected data are also analyzable.

Possible correction of the captured data and management of waste products are supported by built in tools.



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