IT integration


According to the results of client consultations (several meetings might be necessary) and the assessment of needs we plan and design the required IT system, together with passive and active system elements as well as the software environment.

We offer system design services including network plans and selection of software, considering all the connections points where the future IT system meets other systems of the home building (for example cooling system, power consumption, dust-free environment, etc.)

Our service results in an IT system documentation which is applicable both for planning purposes and cost calculations.
We have remarkable experience in designing and implementing mid-size IT systems.


Within the scope of our services we assume to build up your IT system, based on our design or even on your own concept, including the passive network as well as the fine adjustment of the system´s software environment, we supply and install the required devices and software on your site. At the end you get a turnkey system which operation can be surveyed together.

The background of our service is a quotation based on an accurate requirement plan or the result of an assessment.



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